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Learn how to take your sales team beyond “average”

Long-term success as a sales manager begins with efficient recruiting and continues with effective coaching. For years now, we’ve been studying coaches with at least three world championships under their belts, and we have identified a common philosophy and system.

A great coach first believes in each team member’s potential to make a game-changing play and provides the encouragement necessary for tapping that potential. He or she knows how to align each team member’s strengths and weaknesses with team goals. Great coaches even know each sales rep’s core motivating influence and how to leverage it to reach sales and income goals.

Patient Coaching, Remarkable Results

We teach sales managers how to follow specific coaching principles, inspire tremendous loyalty in their sales people, and achieve remarkable results. Great coaches with average players can still win a few games, but to assemble a high-performance sales team, you’re going to need a sustainable process, skills, and tools in three areas – sales planning, activity management, and face-to-face skills.

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