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Reverse low sales and turnover frustrations with the best recruiting and coaching systems for you or your sales leaders. Stop the inconsistent sales and cash flow with people who can sell what you sell at the right levels and in the right way.

Let us help you with 1-1 consulting and training and customized tools for your success.

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It’s difficult to stop and learn and grow these days. That’s why our online training school will help you and your recruiting personnel get better. In a convenient and cost effective way, we will certify them as experts to recruit the best high-activity salespeople without traveling or paying high training dollars. Try a proven and state-of-the art digital training process!

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Chris Enlow

Before, I wasn't giving individualized coaching or spending time with reps at the point of sale actually showing them how to get new results.

The best coaching story I have as of late was with an average rep, Eric, who was consistently earning 3-4 grand each month. I spent time with him on the phone and face-to-face qualifying each customer with specific questions to find a need for a particular item. I also showed him how to get referrals with follow up calls - 3 months later he has gone from 4 grand to $7,500 and lead the market in data sales.

Chris Enlow
Cellular Sales
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