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A Tale of Two Salesmen

After stints in engineering, retail, teaching, and direct selling, Lance Cooper finally found his passion in sales training. He founded SalesManage Solutions in 2000, and dozens of books and several training programs later, Lance experienced great success helping sales teams improve their face-to-face skills.

He persuaded Steve Suggs, a former Northwestern Mutual Agency Manager, to bring his expertise to Sales Manage, and over the past ten years, Steve has helped Sales Manage Solutions’ double its sales revenue almost every year.

The two noticed that some salespeople failed to increase their sales, despite understanding and even practicing better listening, presenting, and closing skills. What was the problem? They began to identify other factors, such as sales planning and activity management, that affect consistent goal achievement. was born. It works.

What Else?

In addition, Sales Manage provides sales management training system for executives with two common problems:

  1. Many sales executives do not know how to choose promising sales managers.
  2. Many young sales managers have little to no recruiting or coaching training.

Every high-activity salesperson needs to find enough prospects every sales period, to schedule enough first appointments, to send enough quotes, and to close enough sales. Sales Manage equips sales managers with a simple, elegant system that helps members of their team to do just that.

In short, we coach the people who coach the sales managers who coach their sales team. How’s that for an elevator pitch? Give us a call, and we’ll give you more details: 1.866.492.7238.

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